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What is league of legends?

LOL is a team-based strategy game where two opponents’ team of five powerful champions in player versus player combat face off individually to destroy the other’s base to get victory over other.

Boosting in LOL:

The act of match fixing in the multiplayer mode of a video game in order to unlock trophies and for the achievement of target involves boosting. Division boosting in LoL allows players to hire a professional booster who can improve your rank substantially.

 Boosting helps you to:

  • Complete all challenges/tasks efficiently
  • Make you able to learn some tactics and techniques to improve your skills
  • Simply helps you to build up your gaming level
  • It continues to build your character and saves a lot of time

Why do people boost?

Due to heavy work deadlines or burden up by family, some people do not have enough time to maintain the online reputation they deserve. Maybe it could be frustrating to play with friends only to realize you’re 20 levels behind and don’t have the right equipment. In such cases Game Boosters can give you the boost you need to stay in game.

Division boosting in LoL


Be prepared mentally:

Before going into a game, make sure that you are in the proper mindset for a game of LOL.  Do not rush out to ranked game immediately. First make yourself prepare for what you’re going to do.

Place building:

It is pretty common for players to grind a ton of games on the first day of the new season. Play at maximum 5 games to increase your chances of winning more games. If you lose a few games in a row, take a step back hold on and stop playing for rest of the day. But after losing if you still continue playing then it will definitely affect you negatively.

Stay tuned and updated:

Players should stay up to date and make sure do not only rely on the recommendations it’s your responsibility to let yourself aware about which mythic item you are going for, which items you are building to combat with your enemy.

Know your builds:

Keep check on your building recommendations. If you’re not building optimal items in the right order, you’re going to find yourself falling short against the enemy.

Secure your champion pool:

The most important in LoL is to make a strong champion pool. Firm your grip over same set of same champions rather than focusing on different champions. Somebody who plays the same champion over and over again will be better than somebody who plays every champion in the game. Champion pool is your strengthening point.

Choose the correct champion sequence. Instead of playing every champion in the game, try to limit how many champions you take into ranked.

Understand Ability Haste:

This was the other big change that the pre-season brought was the introduction of a new stat for items, ability haste. This replaces cool-down reduction, which no longer exists.

Mute all notifications:

If you’re a kind of person who gets easily tilted by people typing in chat or this kind of mess interrupted, you when things go well. Then make sure at the beginning of game, just type “mute all” and you’ll ignore all messages in chat from teammates and opponents as well.

Latest champions:

It’s important to learn how to play against the newer champions to understand what they do and how to beat them.

Mythic Items:

The biggest keys to consider are that you can only have one Mythic item in your build, and you will get bonus stats on all your legendary items depending on which one you buy.